Friday, October 16, 2015

Support your Canadian Women on our Road to Korea 2018!!

Help us raise money!
Our goal is to raise enough money to cover the cost of our team fees
Each year our team fees added together come to approximately 70,000.00$
Everything will go directly to us, The Canadian Alpine Women's Ski Team.
The more calendars we sell the more we raise
Donations are greatly appreciated :)

meet us

Erin Mielzynski born may 25th, 1990
used to be a pro water skier 
I'm ranked 13th in the world in Slalom, won in Ofterschwang in 2012. 
I love the water and the peacefulness it brings

Mikaela Tommy born "to rage"May 10th, 1995
nickname: Killers , spirit animal: Pikachu
I'm ranked 37th in Giant Slalom, came 22th at world champ last season
Love to cuddle and play soccer

Candace Crawford born March 11th, 1994
biggest foodie I know :) 
ranked 35th in Giant Slalom , came 2nd in the world champ team event .
loves drawing and mountain biking 

Valerie Grenier born October 30th 1996
used to be a pro waterskier .... still is .
ranked 42th in Giant Slalom , came 13th in the Super G in St.Moritz WC

Marie-Pier Préfontaine born October 18, 1988
I'm ranked 15th in the world in Giant Slalom , came 6th in Kuthai last season

Marie-Michèle Gagnon born april 25th 1988
Ranked 11th in SL and 8th in Super Combine 

Laurence St-Germain born may 30th 1994
Ranked 39th in Slalom