Friday, October 16, 2015

meet us

Erin Mielzynski born may 25th, 1990
used to be a pro water skier 
I'm ranked 13th in the world in Slalom, won in Ofterschwang in 2012. 
I love the water and the peacefulness it brings

Mikaela Tommy born "to rage"May 10th, 1995
nickname: Killers , spirit animal: Pikachu
I'm ranked 37th in Giant Slalom, came 22th at world champ last season
Love to cuddle and play soccer

Candace Crawford born March 11th, 1994
biggest foodie I know :) 
ranked 35th in Giant Slalom , came 2nd in the world champ team event .
loves drawing and mountain biking 

Valerie Grenier born October 30th 1996
used to be a pro waterskier .... still is .
ranked 42th in Giant Slalom , came 13th in the Super G in St.Moritz WC

Marie-Pier Préfontaine born October 18, 1988
I'm ranked 15th in the world in Giant Slalom , came 6th in Kuthai last season

Marie-Michèle Gagnon born april 25th 1988
Ranked 11th in SL and 8th in Super Combine 

Laurence St-Germain born may 30th 1994
Ranked 39th in Slalom


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